James Thompson
Marion, OH

I could not even walk into work without stopping three times to get to my work station.

After quitting smoking two years ago, my weight got out of control. I had issues with everyday activities and could not breathe. My doctor diagnosed me with severe COPD, polycythemia, high blood pressure, and… read more

Ashley Hampton
Benton Harbor, MI

I decided to make some healthier choices and get back to the old me who lived a healthy lifestyle.

Before working at Whirlpool I was very athletic and always looking for ways to stay in shape, but sitting behind a desk definitely slowed down my drive. My story began when I decided to… read more

Lori Khan
Benton Harbor, MI

I have raised two wonderful kids yet, somewhere along the way, I lost myself.

I was exhausted, starved, had chronic inflammation, and was constantly out of breath. I did not sleep, did not eat right and have tried every short term solution on weight loss there is.  I… read more

Jessica Gardner
Benton Harbor, MI

I couldn’t pick up my kids or even lift a gallon of milk. I was furious and frustrated.

Being in the military had made me tough mentally and physically. I could run 3 miles in 15 mins.  I could lift, move, do anything I could put my mind to.  After being honorably… read more

Freddy Baker
Cleveland MFG, TN

My story is about overcoming tobacco use, giving up caffeine, and getting physically fit.

I was a normal everyday person, meaning I came to work and would go home. There were times when I would just get home and fall asleep on the couch. I know for me… read more

Peggy Moore
Cleveland Call, TN

The Whirlpool culture change triggered my goal of being cigarette free.

After smoking for more than 35 years, I finally decided I was ready to quit.  The Whirlpool culture change triggered my decision. The starting point was that I wanted to quit, not that other… read more

Stacey Archer
Benton Harbor, MI

I realized I needed to get fit and learn to eat right while traveling for Whirlpool.

I am a remote employee who often travels for Whirlpool. When I was on the road, my normal day looked like this: Go to the airport, eat bad food, get on the plane, arrive… read more

Debra Latham
Findlay, OH

After my husband’s death, I learned I needed to take life one step at a time.

I've always enjoyed working out and trying to take care of myself but after I got married and had our children, workouts were a thing of the past because of all of our schedules.… read more

Jeff Madden
Clyde, OH

I was told I had six months to a year to live. More than a year ago.

I had always been a pillar of health. I always stayed active and for the most part also had a healthy diet. I had never had a broken bone, stitches, no real sickness other… read more

Marty Fisher
Tulsa, OK

I walked into a gym and found myself.

Thirty years ago, I was a young man who was physically weak and lacked self confidence. I had always wanted to do something to change my appearance, health, and self-perception. A friend told me… read more

Jan Coy
Benton Harbor, MI

In the past year, I have lost more than 100 pounds.

I was not one of those people who are heavy all of their lives. I was very thin as a child and equally slim as a young adult. After a couple children and what… read more

Ruthann L. Denman
Marion, OH

I have tried to lose weight, with no luck. I knew I had to change.

I was in a rut.I would go to work, go home, and sit––do nothing but watch TV and eat whatever I wanted. My health was going downhill fast. I went to Hawaii for my… read more

Teresa Stimson
Knoxville, TN

I put one foot in front of the other one. Little did I know how important these lyrics would become.

I had always been in good shape growing up and throughout college, but the weight had crept up on me after my wedding a little bit at a time. It wasn't really noticeable at… read more

Shay Brown
Benton Harbor, MI

I lost my job. And my mom. But not my will.

Two years ago, I was working every day and in the evenings I would sit by the bedside of my aged mother.  So  I was an assistant manager by day, daughter/care giver by evening,… read more

Jacob Miller
Amana, IA

When I was hired at Whirlpool, I was going to make a change.

I wasn't very happy with the way I had led my life since high school, so I decided that once I was hired at Whirlpool I was going to make a change. 'Normal' life was… read more

Patricia Davis
Benton Harbor, MI

I made a lifestyle change that I could keep.

I traveled a lot for work and ate whatever I wanted and did not make healthy choices or take advantage of exercise equipment. I gained 25 lbs. in three years. When getting physical and… read more

Kelly Webster
Clyde, OH

I had gained 30 pounds in just a few years. It was time for a change.

I was already overweight. Then I had had four children in eleven years. I never really lost the 30 pounds I gained with the first two kids, and I’d stopped exercising regularly. Recently, I… read more

Betsy Biehler
Clyde, OH

I smoked for 15 years. Until I saw the prom queen with the breathing tube.

I loved to smoke. I didn't think I would ever quit.My whole day revolved around when I could have a cigarette. My day would start and end with one. I would leave for work… read more

Maureen Ovington
Benton Harbor, MI

I had to make a change because I wanted to learn how to feel good about myself. I wanted to live.

For the past five years, I have been in and out of gym memberships and on and off diets. I would drop 50 pounds just to gain it right back when I quit a… read more

Sam Haughn
Marion, OH

A miracle cured my smoking habit. I never thought anything would stop me.

The reality of my life was that I was smoking a pack and a half a day. I smoked anytime I was driving, right when I got up in the morning, when I ate.… read more

Jerry McBride
Marion, OH

After years of not taking care of myself, I decided it was time to make drastic changes.

Because of the way I was living, when I was 50 years old, I had a need for a major open heart surgery operation. Fortunately, I never had a heart attack as they found… read more

Douglas Bowling
Marion, OH

With my health deteriorating, I decided to "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

Diagnosed with deteriorating hip sockets and a bulging disc, exercise was not a possibility for me (or so I thought). I sought after the simple pleasures of food and television to make life bearable.My… read more

Kimmie Schlaack
Benton Harbor, MI

I didn’t want to be the grandma with the oxygen tank.

For 20 years, I was a very heavy smoker. Two packs a day was normal. I would avoid certain activities because they would make me cough. I would lose my breath very easily; if… read more

Annette Negron
Findlay, OH

I went from tired, sick and smoking to happy, healthier and more energetic.

Normal for me was working, going home and pigging out, then passing out on the couch.  I wasn't doing any crafts or things I previously  enjoyed; just laying around and smoking a pack of… read more

Brenda Holmes
Marion, OH

After the death of loved ones, I made up my mind. I couldn't just talk about it, I had to do it.

Culturally, my family has always had a tradition of eating things not good for us. I like it, but over time, some of the foods I’ve always eaten can take a toll on you.… read more

Timothy Warren
Clyde, OH

I smoked 1-2 packs a day and thought I was invincible and could quit whenever I wanted.

Competition was a big part of my life growing up.  My twin brother and I were competitive at everything, including sports.  After graduation he went into the Air Force and I stayed home, went… read more

Heath Culpepper
Cleveland MFG, TN

The scale said 326 lbs. I knew I had to make a change.

On January 1, 2009 I was out of shape; I couldn't walk a flight of stairs without breathing heavy, sweating, etc. I was having anxiety issues. I was on the verge of starting blood… read more

Stuart MacDonald
Benton Harbor, MI

I was obese, pre-hypertensive, and the needle was getting too close to Type 2 diabetic.

Four years ago I had to shut down two of my businesses, go back to college, and start all over. The journey to Whirlpool was terribly stressful mentally as well as physically. I've moved… read more

Don Wilson
Benton Harbor, MI

My life was filled with child and young adult obesity. I was ridiculed by my classmates at school.

Normal life was mostly sedentary. I played golf, went to the gym on occasion, played softball a few years, and played basketball in a church league. But for the most part I was an… read more

Michael Daniels
Findlay, OH

I replaced my bad habit with healthy activities.

I stopped smoking about five years ago. Before I quit, I rarely exercised. The thing that finally convinced me to make a change was feeling out of breath even the day after moving stuff… read more

Ken Pierce
Clyde, OH

Make time for yourself. Your life depends on it.

A little over three years ago, a lifelong friend began stopping by a couple of times a week.  My friend had a drug and alcohol addiction.  He had lost everything: his wife, his home,… read more

Marcus Wilson
Cleveland Call, TN

I was depressed and alone. Now I have a better outlook on myself and life.

Before I gained weight, life was good. I was a volunteer firefighter with my dad in Alabama. I used to go fishing all the time, and had a lot of energy to do the… read more

Tim Moore
Amana, IA

My coach helped me change a habit I had for a quarter of a century.

I am an active man and always have been. I was frustrated with blood pressure issues that negatively impacted my health.My health coach, Tim, was checking employee blood pressure readings.  I approached him to… read more

Deanne Mikols
Benton Harbor, MI

My weight was more and more of an issue. I decided to get help.

I have had trouble losing weight most of my adult life.  I had achy joints.  I was unable to bend and sit comfortably. Upon rising in the morning, it took some time to work… read more

William Snell
Benton Harbor, MI

Everything changed after I went in for a physical and found out what those numbers actually meant.

I was always in good shape growing up. I was in sports in high school, then I joined the army and stayed in good shape during that time as well. It wasn’t until I… read more

Rick Pritt
Marion, OH

I quit smoking and quit drinking alcohol. Now, I have more energy and feel better about myself.

Before I quit, I felt sluggish and tired all of the time, even if I got a full 8 hours of sleep. l, throughout the day I still felt tired and sluggish and I… read more

Antoinette Finnigan
Benton Harbor, MI

I had a stroke, but I was not ready to let go of life and continued to push forward.

On December 8, 2015, I had a stroke. My husband was out of state on a business trip. I had dropped one of my children off to soccer practice and taken my other three… read more

Gary Cole
Tulsa, OK

Before I came to Whirlpool, I struggled 16 years with addiction, and had some brushes with the law.

I had a wake up call during rehab in Jay, Oklahoma. This time was a key moment for me. God triggered change in my life. From that point on I’ve made progress. My dad… read more

Jason Ringman
Benton Harbor, MI

I was dead for about 3.5 minutes.

Four years ago I had an event that changed my life.  There were multiple news stations that covered my story.  Here is the remaining post: http://www.chathamdailynews.ca/2012/04/19/doc-helps-save-life-of-wings-fanI have Brugada Syndrome, a rare heart condition, and it… read more

Eric O’Grey
Benton Harbor, MI

After my life transformation, I was still unable to sleep and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.

Six years ago, I started a journey from health crisis to good health. I weighed over 300 pounds, had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and my doctor told me would be dead in… read more

Stanley Niedbalski
Clyde, OH

It took a year and a job loss for me to finally quit.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home – a family full of smokers and drinkers, so it was almost a given that I would end up smoking and drinking as well. We lived in… read more

Mike Newbern
Marion, OH

I decided to take back my health. I had lost 80 pounds and was geeking out about workouts.

During an annual health screen, I weighed nearly 300 pounds, was identified at pre-hypertensive and pre-diabetic, and had high cholesterol. Normal life included no exercise and boredom eating. I would sit down to read… read more

Megan Hyman
Ottawa, OH

I was just going through the motions of life.

My life was stuck in a cycle. Get up, go to work, go watch my son play sports, eat on the go, go home, go to bed, repeat the next day. But in January… read more

Darence “D.L.” Brooks
Tulsa, OK

I never felt close to upper management until I had major surgery while at Whirlpool.

I have worked for several different companies since the age of 13.  I have always tried to have a positive and friendly coworker relationship. But until I had major surgery, in 2009, I never… read more

Brianna Drew
Tulsa, OK

I stopped saying “no, I can’t” and started saying “yes, I can”.

I was basically going through the motions and letting my day run me instead of me running it. Honestly, those everyday motions were centered around food.  I would go to the vending machine for… read more

Brandon Jay
Greenville, OH

I weighed 245 lbs. Then I saw a one-legged man completing a marathon.

I was obese and my knees always hurt. My back was killing me. It was painful to just make it through one week of work. I saw a video online that showed a one… read more

Amanda Fitzner (FKA: Schmalfeldt)
Benton Harbor, MI

I heard my children, who were 2 at the time, say “my cigarette!” That was it! I was done!

I would wake up every day, and the first thing I would do, is light a cigarette. I would drink a cup of coffee, and then have another cigarette. At my worst, I was… read more

Shannon Brookshire
Cleveland Call, TN

I was tired of being sick, tired and having no energy, so I decided to make a change.

Before I began, I would just sit around at home playing games on my phone, sit on the couch watching tv, I had no energy, I was irritable, my feet always hurt, I was… read more

Nick Vaive
Benton Harbor, MI

I was looking at an entirely different person in the mirror.

I graduated from MSU in May 2013 and started my full-time job with Whirlpool in July. Excited to begin my career at Whirlpool, I took a major leap and purchased a home in St.… read more

Al Inkrott
Ottawa, OH

The picture of myself was disgusting. I literally turned to my wife and said I need to do something.

I was a "meat and potatoes" kind of person.  I never watched what I ate from a nutritional standpoint.  I would eat and drink whenever, whatever I wanted with no hesitation to the quantity… read more

Paul Rogers
Clyde, OH

I gave up chewing tobacco and smoking. I wanted to be around for my family.

I chewed tobacco on and off for almost 20 years. I used to smoke cigarettes but quit and picked up cigars. My wife had always been on me about quitting smoking, but she didn't… read more