Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is One Step Stories?

A: ‘One Step Stories’ is an organization-wide contest to uncover and share remarkable stories of wellbeing. Three of them will be filmed and shared and celebrated enterprise wide. The One Step Stories program gives all employees a platform to share their personal stories of meaningful change – stories that can inspire others at Whirlpool to also find a path towards a better tomorrow.

Q: Why is Whirlpool doing this?

A: We want to celebrate the amazing people we have and the incredible impact these life changing stories can have if they are shared. We also want to provide a platform for these stories to have a larger impact on the population of Whirlpool and the world and the incredible benefits that are available.

Q: Who is eligible to participate?

A: Whirlpool Corporation full-time and part-time employees, contractors, spouses and domestic partners, and temp workforce.  See the official rules at: for complete eligibility requirements.

Q. How do I participate?

A: Submit through

Q. Will my story be visible to the public? For how long?

A: Yes, your story will be publicly visible for the duration of the Event and beyond.

Q. If this is visible to the public, can the public participate? How do they show their support for their favorites?

A: Yes, anyone can show their support for any of their favorite stories on our site. However, this support  does not affect the selection of the winners.

Q. Can I nominate others?

A: Yes, submit their name, location and contact information (BUT not their story) through It is, however, up to the nominee whether or not they enter the contest. Somebody will follow-up with the nominee to see if they are interested in submitting their story.

Q. Who can submit a story on behalf of others?

A: Nobody. Neither a health coach or any other personnel from Whirlpool can submit a story on behalf of another person. All submissions must come from Event contestants.

Q. Is this a contest?

A: Yes, a panel of judges will select approximately 3 stories from all of the submissions to make into films. Whirlpool reserves the right to select more or less than 3 stories to make into films. Additional stories may be selected and made into films beyond the close of the Event.

Q. How can I win?

A: Any story that is submitted and meets the eligibility and winner verification requirements (including background check and vetting of story legitimacy) is eligible to win.  The panel of judges will select the stories based on 1) impact of the story on the person’s life, 2) engagement in Whirlpool benefits as a factor in life change and 3) depth of story with respect to holistic wellbeing (affecting physical, financial, career, community, and social wellbeing).

Q. What can I win?

A: The final films will be shown at a celebration event where the top 3 participants and 1 guest are invited to attend.  The event will be hosted at Brandywine. Please see the full official rules for full details of the prize.

Q. Will my story appear online?

A: The exact words of your entry submission  will be submitted to Whirlpool will be used to judge your submissions.  Some entries will be summarized  and posted online for public viewing and comment. Not every story will be posted online.

Q. Will my story be edited?

A: While only the contestant’s exact submission will be used in the judging for the contest,your story may be summarized and posted online. However, these edited versions will not be used in judging winners.

Q. Do I have to submit a photo?

A: Yes, every submission requires a photo.  Your photo may be posted online along with a summary of your submission.

Q. When will winners be announced?

A: At the conclusion of the promotion phase, the panel of judges will review all of the submissions and select the entries that will be the potential winners based on the set of criteria.  We will announce those winners once winner notification and verification is complete.  

Q. Where can I get more information?

A: View the official rules online at:

Q. How much is the Whirlpool health reimbursement that Steve talked about in his story, and how do I get mine?

A: Whirlpool has a $75 health reimbursement that you can use.  To see if what you want to use it for qualifies you need to fill out the form on myHR and submit it.  Follow the instructions on the site. Some locations have an additional local reimbursement policy so check with your local HR.